Why I’m scared to exit social media.


I remember when Myspace was a thing, way before we started customizing our own pages so much that our viewer’s  internet connection slowed down. I was guilty for having the pointer that carried a star trail behind it. I was also guilty for the GIF that probably provided you with a virus. 


My Timeline on Facebook gets worse everyday. I have an average of 11 political posts, 8 Christian posts, 7 baby posts, and 3 hair salon posts. that’s just today, not including the beard posts, the anti-thigh gap posts, and the cute animal posts which amount to around 30. 

I’ve been a member of Facebook for quite a while. In fact, I remember having to provide a scholastic e-mail address in order to join the website. Now it’s a shit show. People are posting pictures of cats, status updates about their ever changing weight, and videos of people pouring cold water on their heads. 


Why am I so scared of getting rid of my Facebook profile? I’ll make a list. 


  • I’ve been with Facebook since the beginning of time:  I was with FB when they had to have had a .EDU e-mail. I was with FB when I was working my first job. I was with FB when I was an unexpected freshman in college. 
  • I’ve moved around so much that I consider FB my connection to my past: I contact old friends through the site. I contact international family members through the platform. FB acts as a digital photo album of which I lack the physical representation.

Anyway, the site is great, but not everyone needs a voice.





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