On Binge Watching TV

I can’t stand a quiet apartment. I would rather hear Lucille Bluth’s staccato laugh, Tyrion Lannister’s witty comebacks to his incestuous sister, or Frasier’s pretentious banter with Marty Crane. These characters keep me company. Unfortunately, these characters also keep me home.

On days like today, a day I like to call “a shit hangover day”, I tend to oversleep, order food from Seamless, cuddle with the dog, and watch shows that I’ve already watched. In fact, on hangover days I cannot tolerate watching something I haven’t seen before. I’ve tried, and it makes me nauseous. I would much rather spend time memorizing funny lines from Arrested Development or The Office.

As comfortable as I feel sitting on my couch and spacing out, I can never shake the feeling that it’s Saturday Night. The Last Staurday that I will ever be 25 years old. You see, next saturday is my birthday. I should be out with my friends enjoying life, enjoying the city, and enjoying my fleeting youth. But I choose to stay home instead, in the accepting company of Netflix. I don’t have to worry about putting on make-up or spending what limited funds I have. I also don’t have to worry about drinking too much and having another Shit Hangover Day tomorrow.

Therefore, tonight I will sit in a ratty old t-shirt, watch things I have already seen, and enjoy this solitude. I will also work on this new blog.


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